It doesn’t have to be stressful to manage people

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It doesn’t have to be stressful to manage people.

I met someone the other day who didn’t dare to take on more responsibilities at her job, despite her clear potential because she was afraid of being more “stressed” as a manager. She kept saying things such as:

  • “It is stressful to manage people”, “I don’t know what to tell them”, “I struggle doing my work already, how can I lead my team”…
  • “who am I to be their leader, some people in my team have more experiences, are older than me”…
  • “no, no, they will come up with questions I will not be able to answer”.

And that is where it hits me.

As Loan Tran is putting it: “Leadership is not about “status” it’s about people!” 🤯 So if you are empowering your co-workers and helping them you are already practicing leadership.

There are a lot of limiting beliefs and misunderstanding around what a manager is supposed to do and simply what is leadership.

So this blog, Loan Tran’s book and her coaching programs are meant to help you understand all this, how to communicate with your team and how to achieve results in your company.

80% of all managers are unhappy…

In fact: “80% of all managers are unhappy or unsatisfied in their roles as managers”

This is the result of a survey Loan conducted between 2017 and 2019 while in the process of writing her book “Powerful Leadership”.

And this sad statistic is not just coming from her own survey. Many other studies done by different specialists on this particular question come to similar conclusions.

You probably heard of terms such as “having a toxic boss”, “managing people is stressful”, “leaders being under pressure”, etc. Many managers face these problems.

… and It doesn’t have to be that way

If you are unhappy as a Manager or if you face difficulties with your team, I can guarantee that YOU ALREADY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to empower your team, become a great leader and take pleasure in your managing position.

You can do it.

And Loan Tran’s mission with this blog and as a Leadership Coach will be to give you the tools that you need to become a happy manager with a happy team.

I invite you to join her and the other 20% of managers who are happy leaders and enjoy taking more responsibilities and challenging themselves and their teams.

Loan can help you:

  • To understand what is leadership and how to become a healthy and happy leader
  • How to empower your team and reach your company goals

Her dream with her coaching is to help the world full of happy leaders with happy teams. And with her recurring posts on social media, her free workshops, her book and coaching, this already moving forward.

So join Loan Tran and other leaders in this journey!

For any questions about how to manage your team and get them to achieve outstanding results, please contact her.

You can already read her book on this topic here. You can also register for a discovery call here (it’s free!). And of course, for questions, reach on social medias or on the contact page of this website!

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