How To Lead Yourself – The Micka Show interview with Loan Tran

Basics to Leadership - The Micka Show interview with Loan Tran

Hi Leaders,

In Loan Tran’s interview at The Micka Show, she had the chance to share essential knowledge about what is leadership. She did her best to explain how you can transform your leadership skills.

This interview gathers a series of actions and advice you can take today to become the leader of your life. I hope that this video helps you to invest in yourself and discover the basics to leadership.

Without further due, here is the full episode:

I invite you to ask your questions directly under the video, in the comment section. Loan will be happy to answer them. Otherwise you can always reach out to Loan Tran via the contact form on this website.

Key topics we explore in this episode 8 of The Micka Show:

  • Get to know what is Loan’s own definition of leadership, and how “anyone” is a leader.
  • How to start to do this work of “self-leadership” and why it’s important. #StartWithWhy
  • Identify your blind spots with daily self reflections practices.
  • The importance to be a good person (before aiming at being a good leader).
  • Conflict Management and “safe space” communication.
  • Loan Tran secret technique of the “red and black journals”.
  • Overcoming fears and identifying core values

This video is a very good introduction to her coaching programs and her book. Loan said on one of her posts: “it was a pleasant experience to be interviewed by Micka”. Her YouTube channel highlights practical methods for a meaningful impact on your personal and professional life.

“Loan Tran’s book: “Powerful Leadership, How to Build Dream Teams” is available to read via the link here.

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