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Podcast Female Leadership Coach Loan Tran Creators in Vietnam

This podcast episode from Creators in Vietnam is a vulnerable and in-dept conversation with Loan Tran. So if you are interested in her story and of course what she does as a leadership coach, this episode is perfect!

What is this episode about:

  • Loan’s upbringing, between her Danish and Vietnamese cultures. If you have a multicultural background or if you lived in a foreign country, chances are that you will relate to what she describes in the podcast.
  • What lead her to “leadership” and then to become a “coach” and how you can become a great leader yourself.
  • How Loan Tran was able to thrive in this “traditionally male-dominated” space as a woman. And how she turned her feminine traits into a strength. Female leaders this part is perfect for you!
  • Some details about Loan’s book “Powerful Leadership”, what it is about and what you can learn from it.
  • How she overcame her fears and imposter syndrome over the years.
  • How being a volunteer with Little Rose Shelter is part of her core values and how contributing can help you grow.

Listen to the episode here:

As Dana, the host says: “so sit back, relax and enjoy the show”!

About Creators in Vietnam Podcast

Creators in Vietnam is a podcast gathering interviews of creative entrepreneurs based in Vietnam who are positively impacting their communities. Usually conversations with the hosts are not just about business achievements. But it’s also an intimate moment about how each guest has evolved and started to help others to become the best version of themselves.

I hope you enjoy this episode and you learn a lot. For questions and comments, please connect with Loan Tran via the contact page or directly on social media.

Her book: “Powerful Leadership, How to Build Dream Teams” is available to read via the link below:

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