What are Core Values and how to identify them?

12 powerful steps to discover core values loan tran

Identifying your core values might be the most smartest thing to discover about yourself. This article is an invitation to discover what are core values and how you can define them.

Regularly, Loan Tran is hosting online and offline workshops to guide as many leaders as possible to identify their core values. This has become over time one of her starship workshop. You can also find the full guide on finding your core values into my self published book here.

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What are core values?

Core Values are defined by different well chosen keywords that represent yourself. Many people only use this term for businesses, but I personally believe that you should (if not must!) also define what are your personal core values.

Core values are the foundation of your “happy” life. Knowing who you truly are is going to help you navigate life with confidence, with alignment and help you make better decisions.

And so many leaders are trying to “help others”. Imagine that you can help others much more effectively if you are happy and confident that you know yourself.

“When you have a true home in yourSELF and in your home, you have happiness, safety and fulfillment. Then you are in a position to go out and help create a more compassionate and loving community” _ Thích Nhất Hạnh (Global spiritual leader, poet and peace activist)

Knowing her core values helped Loan Tran to:

  • Choose / reject jobs
  • Accept / reject clients
  • Choose where to live
  • Choose / reject friends
  • Know when, why and how to say NOs
  • Setting meaningful goals
  • and boundaries
  • And more…

Each person is unique – we all have different sets of values that have different meaning to each of us.

Understanding ourselves starts with identifying what our core values are and why these values are the most important to us.

How to identify my core values?

Loan Tran spent years to figure out what my core values are… who she was.. at the core. she even invested in a course that helped her to become clearer.. about herself.. her values..

She continued the discovery and finally found a way to identify her core values. Since then, she started to help many people to identify theirs so that they can live a life in alignment with their core values.

Knowing what her core values are helped her to reduce a lot of her stress, anxiety and dilemmas… In general, it has helped her to go through tough times more easily with clarity and confidence. Being in charge, owning and appreciating….

So she’s feeling more at peace and HAPPIER since she knows and has defined her core values. And I am myself on this journey today. I’ll probably be sharing more in future articles.

Core Values List:

To start finding what are your core values, you better start with a selection of 230 personal core values (also called personal values):

core values list loan tran

Join Loan Tran workshops to find your inner compass!

The process of finding your core values can take many years. It took her more than 2 years! But she has build a 12 steps method to be able to identify your core values in one single workshop.

Join the workshop for a fun and extremely meaningful way to connect with yourself more, reduce stress and achieve more happiness. Living a life in alignment with your core values.

In this workshop, Coach Loan Tran is going to walk you through the 12 powerful steps on how to find your core values – your inner compass and gps in life.

If you want to get your inner compass too to help navigate your life, book a seat at this workshop.

Stress, conflicts, dilemmas, doubts, uncertainty. Individual core values are deeply personal and internal. This often creates conflict in our personal and professional lives with those who have values that are very different from ours.

She has experienced that many times. Both in her Personal and Professional life.

“Discovering my own core values and the values of others helped me to reduce stress, develop stronger and better relationships – Increasing my life quality and Happiness!!

Would you like my help to identify your core values?” Loan said in a facebook post.

Connect with her and she will share with you the dates of the next workshop!

Read the full 12 powerful steps in Loan’s book!

In her book “Powerful Leadership” she has shared the 12 steps to identify your core values. You can purchase and read the book via this link.

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Questions you should ask yourself to find your personal values:

When was the last time you felt at peace with yourself?

From 1-10, where are you on taking OWNERSHIP of YOUR life?

In which areas of your life do you feel or have felt like a Victim?

Which ‘sacrifices’ have you (intentionally) taken?

When was the last time you had a good, healthy, constructive evaluation of yourself?

HOW have you got to the place you find yourself at?

What decisions have you consciously made to be where you are today?

What were those decisions based on?

How aligned are you with your core values at the moment?

How strong, robust are your pillars and foundation?

Or do you feel they have become fragile?

Is it time to build a stronger foundation? Or explore ways to implement or be more aligned?

If you are:

  1. often feeling mentally, emotionally drained
  2. or suspect some of your core values might have changed, but you’re lost
  3. or feeling OK, but you would love to become a more authentic and powerful version of yourself…?

Then I invite you to join Loan Tran’s workshop, read her book or contact her to get started on this beautiful journey of discovering yourself and identifying your core values.

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