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“What do you think?” Powerful question to ask employees

What do you think powerful question to ask employees Loan Tran

Managers don’t know everything, and “it’s okay!” [storytime] Disclaimer: this is not Loan Tran’s story. So “my” and “I” in this article refers to Nicolas Thanh, who is contributing to this blog. The first time I took a leadership position, my biggest fear was to not be able to answer a question from my employees. […]

Take The DISC Test And Improve your Workplace Productivity, Teamwork, and Communication

Disc Test Famous people examples Loan Tran Team Coaching

What is the DISC test? DISC stands for dominance (D), influence (I), steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C). It is a personality test based on a model of personality developed by a psychologist called William Marston. Here is how this behavioral assessment is classifying the way we express emotions: Dominance: Describes the way you deal with […]